Guy & Delores Spearman Create the Brevard Network

Many Brevardians aren’t aware of how lucky they are to count Guy and Delores Spearman among their ranks. The Spearmans are both FSU graduates – Guy with his MSW, Delores with her bachelor’s and master’s in history. Both are longtime Brevard residents and love this community – and they show it. There’s hardly a cause dedicated to making life better for people in Brevard – from veterans’ assistance, to housing and basic needs, to aid to disadvantaged children, to educational funding – that doesn’t have Guy and Delores’ enthusiastic support. They don’t only love Brevard for what it is; they work every day to help it become the best it can be.

Guy grew up in Pensacola, where, at an early age, he developed a respect for the military community and the service and commitment it entails. He became a member of that community when he was drafted during the Vietnam War, as an Army Infantryman (11B). Realizing he needed to learn essential skills to survive, he excelled in all areas of training – so much so that, instead of being shipped overseas to fight, he became an aide to the General of the post where he was stationed, Fort Polk – the Infantry Training Center for Vietnam.

When his service ended in 1972, Guy went on to earn his Master of Social Work from FSU. Never one to take it easy, he worked for Governor Askew as he was attending FSU, spurring a lifelong interest in politics. Guy used his knowledge of people, his understanding of the law and of politics, his work ethic, and his “never give up” attitude to build a successful career as a political lobbyist in Florida.

As he was building his career, he built something else – a marriage that so far has lasted almost 30 years. In the early 80s, Guy moved to Brevard, where he met Delores, a lifelong Brevard resident, on a skiing trip with friends. She was an excellent skier, and kind. He had never skied before. She felt sympathy for him, helped him learn to ski, and their story began.

Traveling back and forth to Tallahassee with Guy for legislative sessions inspired Delores to start attending FSU herself, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He’d fallen in love with FSU when he attended; now Delores did as well. Later, Guy and Delores’ son and daughter-in-law, also Brevard residents, both graduated from FSU. Guy and Delores are thrilled that their two grandchildren are growing up in Brevard (and might someday join the FSU family).

It’s Guy and Delores’ mutual love of FSU and of Brevard that brought the Brevard Network into existence. Guy has made it his mission for years to bring more Brevardians to FSU, specifically to the FSU College of Social Work. Together, Guy and Delores created the Guy M. & Delores Spearman Scholarship to help Brevard students in the FSU College of Social Work pursue their education. Having a special appreciation for the rigors of military service, and the character of those who serve, Guy and Delores also created scholarships specifically earmarked for Brevard veterans, military, and dependents who attend the FSU CSW.

Guy and Delores have stayed active in the FSU community. Both have served on the FSU alumni board; Guy has served, and Delores currently serves, on the booster board. They frequently attend FSU games, watching from their skybox.

Recently Guy was asked why he feels this enduring love for FSU, more than 40 years after he graduated. He thought, then said, “FSU is a place where you can fall in love with everything. Students are friendly; professors are friendly. It’s, just, welcoming.” So on that note, on behalf of Guy and Delores Spearman, we would like to welcome you to the Brevard Network.

Source: Florida State University

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