Lead with Intent!

Items you will need to complete your Leadership Essentials Enrollment Form.
  • Basic personal information (i.e. name, address, email)
  • Medical Dietary Restrictions, if applicable
  • Emergency Contact information

Basic Employment Information (i.e. Company name, address, email)

One of the program goals of the Leadership Essentials program is for classmates to build connections and relationships with each other and the LEAD Brevard community. Leadership Essentials Class profile features help you start to make those connections and will be featured on LEAD Brevard’s Facebook & LinkedIn pages throughout the program year. Below are the things LEAD Brevard needs from you for your profile feature.

  • Company Logo
  • Bio, as a start, answer the following question: “What is something you’d like the Leadership Brevard classmates/LEAD Brevard Board of Directors and community know about you?” (Examples: achievements, interests, hobbies, etc.) Minimum word count 100, maximum word count 150.
  • Use image/testimonial data – signature on included form

Complete your expectations & how you plan on contributing to the diversity of the Leadership Essentials program

Tuition is due upon enrollment to reserve your seat in Leadership Essentials unless other payment arrangements are made. Once the enrollment is submitted LEAD Brevard will reach out to you via email with your next steps.

Statement of commitment, Enrollment agreement / attendance requirement

LEAD Brevard’s receipt of a signed enrollment form or completion of the online enrollment form signifies commitment to the program. Tuition is due upon enrollment. * Cancellation must be received on or before September 15th prior to the start of the program year for a full refund. After September 15th, a $275.00 cancellation fee will be charged. After October 1st, a 50% tuition cancellation fee will be applied ($750.00). Tuition is NOT refundable in whole or in part once sessions have begun.

Enrollment is not considered complete until the enrollment is submitted and you have received confirmation from LEAD Brevard. If you submit your application and do not receive a reply within 48 hours (2 business days), please reach out to Candice Barton, Leadership Programs & Communication Manager by email: Candice@LEADBrevard.org or call 321-632-8222

Consider making a donation to the LEAD Brevard scholarship fund.